This Vacayholics article will tell you a bit about the different types of tourism that you may or may not know about. Tourism is one of the most flourishing industries in the world, making a significant...
May 02, 2019 · Trump issues religious-freedom protections for doctors, nurses forced to do abortions 'Every citizen has the absolute right to live according to the teachings of their faith and the convictions of ...

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The articles explore the topic from many differenct angles, such as religious tolerance, ecumenism, interfaith dialogue, etc. The issue is organized into three sections: Principles, Perspectives, and Encounters. There are even some book reviews at the end (as in the old issues), as well as notes on the contributors.
Gender Issues in Religion Amongst the world religions are many different attitudes towards gender issues and sexuality. A hundred years ago, or even a lot less, these different perspectives did not exist, as they were often considered unimportant, as King noted 'until recently little attention has been paid to gender differences and their impact on religious teaching and practice.'[1] With ...

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While the 9 issues outlined above are specific to girls and women, addressing them will positively impact everyone—even my fellow clueless men of the world. Stay tuned to Global Citizen all month as...
Belonging mainly to the Hausa ethnic group, they have pushed religion and ethnic issues to the fore since President Obasanjo was installed as a civilian president last May. Similar ethnic-based ...

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America is a religious supermarket, and immigrants often have great fun shopping in her aisles. [5] There are many other religious issues that new immigrants must decide as they take their places within American society.
Religious discrimination in access to employment: a reality. Antisemitism and Islamophobia on the Out of respect for the recruiters who did issue an invitation to any applicant, we took care to send...

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Jan 26, 2018 · Religious persecution must receive adequate international attention as an issue on its own and not in conjunction with other issues. An appropriate action plan to prevent or address religious ...
Sep 15, 2012 · More than 80 percent of Americans perceive religion as important. Issues of belief can affect the health care encounter, and patients may wish to discuss spirituality with their physician. Many ...

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What does environmental-issues mean? Environmental issues are defined as problems with the planet's systems (air, wat...
Religious violence is undergoing a revival. The past decade has witnessed a sharp increase in violent sectarian or religious tensions. These range from Islamic extremists waging global jihad and power...

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Nov 19, 2003 · The world’s sacred texts are silent on the question of gay marriage, as it was not really an issue when they were written. However, those same texts do have strong opinions on homosexuality itself.
After four semesters, upstart's quest to collate a list of the 100 articles every journalist should read We've also been encouraged by the enthusiasm the 100 articles concept has generated both in...

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Insecurity: Religious issues not behind killings, banditry — Archbishop Kaigama. On February 28, 2020 12:34 am In News by Nwafor. Kindly Share This Story: Archbishop kaigama
Among other issues, the Act assures that those confined in government institutions such as prisons will be protected in the practice of their faith. At this time it is too early to ascertain the implications of the law for correctional management and inmate religious practice. Chaplaincy, Religious Groups, and Practices

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The present article attempts to contribute to filling this gap in the existing literature by providing a As organizations involved in issues of social and economic development, most of the religious NGOs...
"Delink religion from citizenship issue. This is against the spirit of our civilisation, culture and of our Constitution. Citizenship can't be linked with state, religion, caste, creed and be ...

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In this article, the advantages, problems and examples of genetic engineering are examined. However, in the long run, there may be severe issues when it comes to resistance of pest strains.
We cover ideas (theories, theologies) as well as practices. We address ethical issues and analyze the history of the differentiation between science and religion and their subsequent interactions. This Web site provides an overview of recent issues, with abstracts and keywords of the articles.
Find coverage on the latest global news stories, photos, and videos with various religious beliefs in mind on Read news on issues and opinions of various religions.
When Religious Issues Become Unhealthy. Religion serves as a resource for recovery. This plays a role in our health and wellness and if you are scared to venture into a different belief it can create...
You can think a religious belief is wrong without being intolerant. It's time to start recognizing the When I teach introductory courses in religion, I find my students are also unwilling to offer critical...

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